Amal Ameen, First proud owner to purchase the new Lexus LC 500 convertible

  Driven by her passion towards the brand and specifically to the LC 500 convertible, Ms. Amal Ameen the Lexus Brand Ambassador was the first proud owner to purchase this piece of art as she described it, highlighting the Terrane Khaki colour with the Sand colour of the soft top. A key handover ceremony was […]


  Driving your dream car was never easier thanks to the great initiative of AAB Lexus that has launched recently the Lexus Flex service for individual customers. This is a subscription based car leasing, offering increased flexibility and providing a premium experience. As ambassador of the brand Lexus, Amal Ameen has participated in the launching […]


          Over the years, fashion trends have been changing dramatically, according to the evolution of the world around us. Great fashion designers influenced this transformation and captured the world’s attention, positioning the fashion industry within the global market. In the ’60s and ’70s, people experimented with styles that were influenced by music and social […]


Whether you live in a palace or a small apartment, in the middle of the city or in the outskirts, alone or in company; we are all “locked inside”. Due to COVID-19, ideas, projects and stories from the days of lock-down, have become part of our present and we are all learning how to go […]

Lexus AAB announces Ms. Amal Ameen as the first Ever Lexus Brand Ambassador in Qatar

During The Luxury Network International Awards Ceremony held on Saturday 22nd of February, Lexus AAB officially announced Ms. Amal Ameen as the first Ever Lexus Brand Ambassador in Qatar. Amal Ameen Al-Mehain graduated in 2004 from the Virginia Commonwealth University, school of arts in Qatar; and holds a bachelor of fine arts and interior design. […]